Can you please load my profile / register me telephonically?

Yes – TBX support staff can access IMICS and can load member profiles into IMICS while the member is on the phone. The support staff  needs the caller’s  name, surname, cell number and date of birth to create a basic IMICS profile, and can click on https://members.trackbox.world/ When the profile…

How do I download the app and how do I register in the app?

Join ANYTHING! ANYTIME! ANYWHERE! (AAA) MVAC Response ERPC by calling 0861 623 646 and we will assist you with registering telephonically, after which you will receive a welcome SMS withyour username, password and a link to download the AAA Response App. The SMS will includea website link that…

Is SA CAN still a registered NPO?

Yes. SA CAN is a registered NGO with initiatives centring on community policing and support to SAPS and medical response teams.

Did SA CAN change its name to TrackBox Technologies?

No. TrackBox Technologies is a separately registered entity. Brian Jones, TrackBox Technologies founder and CEO, initiated Together SA CAN NPC/NPO in order that all TrackBox Technologies non-profit initiatives centring on community policing and support to SAPS and medical response teams be…

Can I demonstrate the App?

A: We encourage all our subscribers to demonstrate the app and show others the power of TrackBox and our one ring policy. We are not going to change a country alone, so complete faith and total trust in the tool is what we need to create. Please assist us in this task!

How do I know that the app actually works?

We encourage all our subscribers to test the app and activate mock emergencies to check response times of the ERPC as well as get a feel for how the app works. If you are testing, simply tell the ERPC when they call you that you are testing the app and they will deactivate your emergency.

Where do I find my log-in details?

Once have completed your MyVault profile creation, an email will be sent to you with your log-in details. If you have forgotten or lost these details you can select ‘forgot password’ on your MyVault log-in page and we will resend these to you. Alternatively you can contact the App Support Team on…

Can I have TrackBox on my phone and on my tablet using the same profile with different cell phone numbers?

Yes. Your username and password is your key to as many devices on your profile as you like.