Corporate Testimonials

Member Testimonials

Paddy Holdcroft

"So grateful to YOU ALL for just 'THE BEST' service. God bless you and the team. With love. - Paddy Holdcroft. XXA"

Katharina Brown

"Thank you for the continued support.  I have every confidence in you"

Shelly Mckerrow

"No problem at all we appreciate it so much THANK YOU!!!"

Judy Chamberlain

"Trackbox is amazing. Thank you so much for helping me recently. Regards a proud member, Judy Chamberlain"

Del Bircham

"Thank you! I have been a member since SACAN started at their first meeting where there were about 8 or 12 people we sat outside on the lawn of the house. I will always remain a member till I leave this earth. Don't use Facebook.  Have a lovely day."

Joyce Leverefe

"Thank you so much for your message and for keeping in touch. I appreciate having you there!"

Lesley Mason

"Very impressed. I have some suggestions, having used it for the first time which I will pass on. But the professionalism of the staff is awesome"

Osinachi Okoro

"Excellent. Emergency calls are responded to in seconds. Didn't expect this. Excellent service"

Catharine Haddon

"As always excellent service. Tracking is very reassuring when you are traveling alone."

Sherisse Rom

"Received such great customer service when logging a query. I haven't needed the emergency services as yet but the customer service has been exceptional."

Stuart Schwabe

"Yesterday I erroneously pocket dialled Track me on my app and then left my mobile in the car. The TrackBox agent contacted my number to check to see if I was ok. When they couldn't get hold of me they phoned my wife. My wife told them I was at my daughter's house and they called her to check if I was okay. Unbelievable service is not seen in SA. Well done to the team that was on duty at 18:00 last night"

Conrad Müller

"First time in almost 18 months that I used the app for what it was meant to be used for and the response time was next to immediately. I accidentally pressed the "track me" button and had a respond call immediately after."

Petro Greyling

"I must have pressed their panic button by accident...the next moment I got a call asking if I am okay. That is what I call good service. I know I can count on help should I need it."

Natashia Cordier

"Excellent service and very fast to call to see if assistance is needed keep up the brilliant work team."

Gerard Rudolph

"I've used the app a number of times for emergencies also, occasionally, to test that it's still functioning and sometimes just by accidentally pocket dialing. I've always received prompt and polite response. Nice to know that someone has my back."

Susan Roos

"Thank you TrackBox for your support. People if you are struggling to register just contact them. They do help. I love this app and the people who are helping. Thank you!"

A Google user

"Excellent service. Thank you! quick response every time. Still rating 5 stars. I feel safe with the TrackMe feature when traveling alone."

Felicity Schroder

"I tested the app during load shedding, it worked very well. I had an immediate response when I pressed the button, and accurate tracking to the place where I was."

Johan Snyman

"Best app ever. excellent service and the people are very professional"


"This is Lifesaving...a must for every family member. Saved my wife and daughter during a home invasion once. World-class technology saving lives"

Siseko Bukani

"Great app and great service from the Helpdesk team.. Very quick response from the team.. Thank you.. Siseko here From SPAR"

A Google user

"Track box is wonderful they phone within 10 seconds and they don't get upset when the track box is pressed accidentally. Thank you for your care and support. They there when you need help. Keep up the good work"

A Google user

"This application has saved my life. I had a heart attack. And activated my panic button. In seconds emergency services responded."