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  • Choose Together SA CAN (NPO)

    Choose Together SA CAN (NPO)0

    The reasons to always choose Together SA CAN (NPO) are; we are an organisation that always aspires to understand the why factors, to build products and services around this, to protect lives, and enable every citizen to become a hero in a time of need and save lives for the nation. At the spearhead of

  • Motor Vehicle Accident, Kwazulu Natal

    Motor Vehicle Accident, Kwazulu Natal0

    In the early hours of one morning, we received a call from a member reporting that he had been involved in a motor vehicle accident. His vehicle had collided with another vehicle and the two occupants of that vehicle also required assistance. We got details of the incident location from our member and immediately dispatched

  • Attempting to gain access to an Estate

    Attempting to gain access to an Estate0

    Dispatchers Files Some time back we received an activation from a residential estate in the Kwazulu Natal area. They requested assistance with a person who was attempting to gain access to the Estate. The personnel at the gated entrance explained that the person appeared to be under the influence of Narcotics or potentially had mental

  • Vehicle stolen and stripped

    Vehicle stolen and stripped0

    Dispatcher Files We received an activation recently from an Advanced CoDriver Assistance member requesting assistance in recovering a vehicle from Umlazi in Kwazulu Natal. The vehicle had been stolen and was tracked by Netstar to a specific location in Umlazi. The vehicle had been stripped of items including the battery and a load of commercial

  • Follow in parents’ footsteps

    Follow in parents’ footsteps0

    Thought for the Day! There is something amazing about a husband and wife run business, and children to follow in their parents’ footsteps and build on that business, making it a generational business, family wealth and years and years of investment! Brian Jones (SA7) TrackBox ERPC National & International08616-TRACK08616-87225https://trackbox.world | https://t.me/BriansPD #TrackBox #SACAN #Teamwork #Thought_for_the_Day

  • Learner took an excessive number of Pain Killers while at school.

    Learner took an excessive number of Pain Killers while at school.0

    Dispatcher Files We received a call recently from a very anxious staff member at a local High School. It was reported that a 16-year-old female learner had taken an excessive number of pain killers while at school. I established that the learner was still conscious, but drowsy. I was also informed that the Learner had