The TrackBox special offer:
To make the transition easier, TrackBox would like to encourage free users of TrackBox to switch over to premium before the cut-off day to avoid a disruption in your service. You can do this by simply selecting the ‘Upgrade’ button which will now appear in your TrackBox App Menu, entering the special offer coupon code (IPROTECH), and following the prompts.

If you do not see an Upgrade Button, kindly update your app to make sure you have the latest version installed, or contact our Admin & App Support Centre on 08616-23646 / 08616-ADMIN.

TrackBox endeavours to make this ground breaking service available to you at a minimal cost in order to keep us running and it starts from R25.00 per month (was R55.00 pm).

Additionally, we are running a promotion which encourages you to sign up to TrackBox Premium before the 20th of July 2018 and stand a chance to win an iProtech intelligent protection device to the value of R4999,00 plus a 6 months subscription to TrackBox Premium.

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What is an iProtech:

An iProtech unit is the next step in non-lethal self-defence. A small lightweight device that genetically marks the perpetrator with an indistinguishable DNA marker, combined with a UV fluid and pepper spray – not only fends of the immediate danger, but alerts those who can assist. For more info visit

Upgrade to TrackBox Premium and stand a chance to Win!!

Upgrade to TrackBox Premium and stand a chance to Win!!