TrackBox App Generation 10 update 1.0.313* released: 19 June 2018

TrackBox Technologies will tomorrow 19 June 2018 release a new update to their Generation 10 TrackBox App. The latest update will be live in store during the course of tomorrow.

The new update includes an app health check which automatically checks the login status of the app and prompts user to login if necessary. This helps to minimise accidental log outs and ensures that the service is running correctly and ready to react in case of emergency.

Billing assistance has been provided to help simplify the billing process. This brings the account and billing settings to the registration process for new users, as well as includes both a notification and direct access for existing users who have not yet completed their billing information, set their preferred ERPC (Emergency Response & Prevention Centre) or selected a free or premium membership.

Aesthetic updates to UX (User Experience) have been included for premium subscribers which clearly differentiates between free and premium membership. This includes custom greetings and updated logos.

Click on the links below to download or update your TrackBox Emergency App.

*Based on Android updates. iOS coming soon