The Premium package covers the managed response of an incident by TrackBox and aims to provide you with assistance for all emergency incidents including the dispatching of emergency responders such as the police or ambulances. The AAA Response ERPC is not a responder itself but aims to link you to all appropriate responders. The cost of the service covers the cost of our ERPC call centre and the management of your incident, and not the cost of any roadside or ambulance service through private response services. The costs of the emergency response provider are for the account of the member.

We do have an AAA MVAC Response package which includes the AAA Response
Premium membership and *Accident Protector. This means that if the member suffers any accidental bodily injury (not just road related), our dispatchers will dispatch the closest available ambulance and the member will be taken to the most appropriate hospital where their medical costs will be paid for up to the selected cover limit (R10 000 or R100 000) for the member, or the member’s whole family (if elected). The price starts at R60.00 for individuals.