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  • Dancing with Synapses

    Dancing with Synapses0

    Thought for the Day! I have found my most demanding job on a daily basis is dancing in my mind with synapses and thinking. My wife will tell you how often I seem lost as I dwell on my thoughts and bring to life pioneering solutions and some crazy ideas that typically start off as

  • Assault – Physical

    Assault – Physical0

    Dispatcher Files During a recent day shift, I received an activation from a AAA Response member in Durban on behalf of his employee who had been beaten up by community members to such an extent that he couldn’t walk. I called the victim directly and he advised that he just needed SAPS to come out.

  • Sometimes our confidence gets shattered

    Sometimes our confidence gets shattered0

    Thought for the Day! Sometimes our confidence gets shattered, and when this happens, we rise again with the help of others. This means we all have an opportunity to help at some point. Brian Jones (SA7)TrackBox ERPC National & International08616-TRACK08616-87225https://trackbox.world | https://t.me/BriansPD #TrackBox #SACAN #Teamwork #Thought_for_the_Day  #TrackBox_Helps #Download_the_App

  • Ten things you need to do after a car accident

    Ten things you need to do after a car accident0

    Dispatcher Files STOP – Never drive away from the scene of an accident, even a minor one. PROTECT THE SCENE – You can prevent further accidents by setting up flares, putting out emergency triangles, or keeping your hazards on. CALL THE POLICE – Even if there are no serious injuries, it is a good idea

  • MEDICAL – Breathing Difficulties

    MEDICAL – Breathing Difficulties0

    Dispatcher Files Early one morning I received a call from one of our AAA Response members. He was phoning as his diabetic father could not breathe and was very lethargic. The caller was nervous to take his father to the hospital because they are so full at the moment and he was worried that his

  • Incredible Collaboration!

    Incredible Collaboration!0

    SNIPR™ ANPR breaks the 2000 resource base mark! Well done to all involved, especially to Grant Hancock and Jeremy Malherbe. Ultimately we are only as great as our leaders. We are backing the right team, and the productivity for South Africa continues to grow from strength to strength with our collaboration and investment, meaning that