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  • NPA Letter of Appreciation

    NPA Letter of Appreciation0

    At Together SA CAN (NPO) we often work on high priority or confidential matters where we endeavour to provide support and assistance to authorities and collaborative partners. Due to the sensitive nature of these matters, it is often impossible to provide any news or updates about what we are working on, however it is always

  • Service Delivery Monitoring

    Service Delivery Monitoring0

    Stores with 4.7 (Average)ERPC Operations 4.5VCAT Operatives 4.8 Admin 4.8  This means we are at top performance levels with only human error, misunderstandings, or technophobia that occur from time to time. This said, I know we have user experience shortfalls on the platform, and we have problem-solved most of these in future updates. Well done to

  • Testimonial – Alexis Barrell

    Testimonial – Alexis Barrell0

    Alexis Barrell recommends Together SA CAN (Community Action Network) with the following words:  “If I press my AAA-Response App (TrackBox) panic button by mistake and turn it off straight away, they are so incredibly efficient and alert – I will get a call back immediately from an operator who addresses me by name and asks

  • All of the staff were professional, but Angal(SA31) took an extra interest!

    All of the staff were professional, but Angal(SA31) took an extra interest!0

    Testimonial Dear TrackBox Team How do I even attempt to express my gratitude for the help you gave me and my family! November and December 2019 were difficult months for my family more than one way. Thank you for the help you gave us in taking my mom to hospital each time we needed to

  • Trackbox supported a Snakebite victim with Mondi emergency protocols.

    Trackbox supported a Snakebite victim with Mondi emergency protocols.0

    TrackBox Technologies recently assisted our client @Mondigroup with a serious snake bite situation near New Hanover. See excerpts from their testimonial below. Thank you to @Mondi, @Netcare911 and all other roleplayers for the exceptional teamwork in this matter. Testimonial “Here is some festive noteworthy news . Mondi Emergency staff with Trackbox supported a Snakebite victim

  • Testimonial – Heilie

    Testimonial – Heilie0

    Excellent Serves! The staff is always friendly and on time . The app works wonderful! To all the staff that was on duty today (10/12/2019), thank you for singing Happy Birthday to me! It made my day! I would recommend this app to anyone and everyone! This is the best services I have received form