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  • 52-year-old female falls four meters

    52-year-old female falls four meters0

    Press Release KwaZulu-Natal: At 10H24 Sunday morning Netcare 911 responded to a falls at the Kloof Gorge Waterfall, West of Durban. Reports from the scene indicate that a 52-year-old female had lost her footing and had fallen approximately four meters onto the rocks below. A multi disciplinary team consisting of Netcare 911, Rescue Tech, Ezemvelo

  • Green Flags

    Green Flags0

    To all the Commanders, Members and Community Leaders, the team that make up our policing ministry. The nation’s souls, hearts and blood are in our hands. Let us remember that when we drop on one knee in service to all of our people, both members and extended communities in all sectors – that anger, deep

  • KZN Truth Database – Policing Sector – Farm

    KZN Truth Database – Policing Sector – Farm0

    Model Setting & Development Phase 1 – Reconstruction Team, I am so pleased to report that after months of work, the KZN Policing Sector – Farm Victims – Murder list from 2010 to 2020 is complete. This database contains 100% verified data which we believe has given us a result of 95%. Only as we

  • Taxi Hit-men nabbed following the killing of two men

    Taxi Hit-men nabbed following the killing of two men0

    Chaps, Ladies, to all those involved in this matter a few weeks back, It does not go unnoticed!! Thank you for the help in all follow-up investigations and the teamwork with VCAT in support of SAPS, Crime Intelligence, and Hawks in this matter. It was because of you and each organisation doing their bit that

  • Together SA CAN Survey

    Together SA CAN Survey0

    We are conducting a survey in order to gain insight from members and supporters of Together SA CAN and it would be of great help to us if you would complete a simple anonymous questionnaire in order to aid our research. Our hope is to understand the level of awareness and perceptions that supporters have

  • Great Success – Hijackers thwarted!

    Great Success – Hijackers thwarted!0

    2020/08/21IMICS: 1543/08/202017h45 CRIME – HIJACKINGGAUTENG – Pretoria We received a AAA Response Activation from a member who reported that a friend had just been hijacked by an unknown number of men. On further investigation, we learned that the assailants had arrived at the property claiming to want to purchase a vehicle that had been put