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  • SAPS Successes

    SAPS Successes0

    Media Watch Violent crimes In the wake of a recent upsurge in violence against women and children, the South African Police Services have been hard at work bringing criminals to justice. Nine life sentences have been handed down to those who committed violent crimes against women and children, KZN police said this week. The sentences

  • Amy-Leigh kidnapping & MDDR Safety Off

    Amy-Leigh kidnapping & MDDR Safety Off0

    Media Watch Well done to The Hawks, Crime Intelligence, SAPS and VCAT NPO who worked hand-in-glove on this matter. Amy-Leigh’s father cannot express how grateful he is to the country and the teams of Commanders and members from across the country who came together. On another personal note, whilst kidnapping is definitely a concern and

  • Here’s why you are wrong about South Africa:

    Here’s why you are wrong about South Africa:0

    Media Watch How positive are you about South Africa’s future? Going against all the pessimism about the future, Adrian Gore, group chief executive at Discovery, has a different take on things, outlined in his speech delivered to the World Economic Forum on 26 August. He said: “Whenever I make the call for positive leadership in

  • War on drugs in Sunnyside (Tshwane)

    War on drugs in Sunnyside (Tshwane)0

    MEDIA WATCH 30.08.2019 DRUG WARS Incidents of violence have erupted in the suburb of Sunnyside after the shooting of a taxi driver on Tuesday afternoon, allegedly by a foreign national. The drivers had confronted the perpetrator for allegedly dealing drugs in the CBD. In retaliation, the angry crowd set alight numerous stores suspected to be

  • KZN Hawks “lacking capacity” in dealing with corruption

    KZN Hawks “lacking capacity” in dealing with corruption0

    Media Watch – 29.08.2019 KZN Hawks “lacking capacity” in dealing with corruption I recently came across an article that mentioned that the KZN Hawks are “lacking capacity” and I wanted to bring it to your attention because we all know the extremely high volume of cases being dealt with. These serious priority level cases take

  • E-tolls: the next step… fines.

    E-tolls: the next step… fines.0

    Media Watch – 26.08.2019 E-tolls: the next step… fines. Recent news articles have been highlighting an Act passed into law by AARTO (Administrative Adjudication of Road Traffic Offences) which stipulates that ordinary motorists will be fined R250 for every e-toll gantry they pass without paying. Operator class vehicles (trucks) will be fined R500 and have