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  • NPA Letter of Appreciation

    NPA Letter of Appreciation0

    At Together SA CAN (NPO) we often work on high priority or confidential matters where we endeavour to provide support and assistance to authorities and collaborative partners. Due to the sensitive nature of these matters, it is often impossible to provide any news or updates about what we are working on, however it is always

  • RE: HELP US! Crime Scene Management 7 – 14 Days

    RE: HELP US! Crime Scene Management 7 – 14 Days0

    ATT: KZN Provincial Commissioner, KZN Communications, KZN Detectives, KZN Forensics, KZN Crime Intelligence, KZN Hawks, KZN Commanders & MembersCC: SAAI, TLU, AgriSA & AfriForum, Community Leaders & Committee’s, Safety & Security Agencies, ERPC Collaboration Network, Specialised Victim Support Dear All RE: HELP US! Crime Scene Management 7 – 14 Days We must improve – you

  • Together SA CAN Survey

    Together SA CAN Survey0

    We are conducting a survey in order to gain insight from members and supporters of Together SA CAN and it would be of great help to us if you would complete a simple anonymous questionnaire in order to aid our research. Our hope is to understand the level of awareness and perceptions that supporters have

  • Unpacking a handshake of friends!

    Unpacking a handshake of friends!0

    Yesterday, Netcare 3 based at KZN’s Virginia Airport was dispatched to pick up a young child in desperate need of a transplant. The white Bell 222 (Airwolf) was used (the helicopter can be seen on the left). The team flew him to Harrismith where Netcare 7, a Bell 407 (seen in the background on the

  • A message to the Investigating Officer

    A message to the Investigating Officer0

    You have access to some of the best tools available, in perfect balance, and primed to go for the jugular on crime in both urban and rural South Africa, and it’s made up of the following key roleplayers: AfriForum, AgriSA, TAU, SNIPR ANPR, Netcare 911, VCAT – Violent Crimes and Technology Support (NPO), TrackBox Technologies

  • Diabetic Emergency

    Diabetic Emergency0

    Dispatcher Files At 17:05 a AAA Response (TrackBox) member phoned in to say that they were at the Kruger National Park with a 65 year-old male who was a high risk heart patient and highly diabetic. He was on tablets to help with his condition but was experiencing difficulty and in a state of distress.