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  • Stolen Toyota Corolla Verso

    Stolen Toyota Corolla Verso0

    Dispatcher Files Recently, the UCSI (Umgeni Community Safety Initiative) received a hit on one of their @SNIPR cameras for a stolen Toyota Corolla Verso entering the Howick area. Moving quickly, UCSI informed Knight Security andBallid Security who operate in the area, as well as SAPS.  Knight Security located and intercepted the vehicle in Howick CBD,

  • Beaten up by community members

    Beaten up by community members0

    Dispatcher Files It was during my day shift a few weeks ago that I received a call from a member in Durban for his employee who had been beaten up by community members to such an extent that he couldn’t walk. I called him and he advised that he just needed SAPS to come out.

  • Patient with possible heart attack.

    Patient with possible heart attack.0

    Dispatcher Files Recently while on night shift in the early evening I received a call regarding an elderly male patient with severe chest pains indicating a possible heart attack.  Being as brief as possible I confirmed the correct address and dispatched @Netcare to the scene. I then called the family member on scene to assure

  • Public Disorder/Protests

    Public Disorder/Protests0

    Dispatcher Files South Africans have in recent months experienced many traffic delays, disruptions and at times total road closures brought about by protests, riots and incidents of public violence. These protests are invariably related to service delivery, education and social issues, and an estimated 80% of protests involve violence. On my morning shift I received

  • Missing Person, last seen in hired car

    Missing Person, last seen in hired car0

    Dispatcher Files Received a call from a AAA Response (TrackBox) member in Bloemfontein reporting a missing person. He was last seen at around 8 a.m. the previous day and was travelling from Welkom to Bloemfontein in a hired car. A description of the person was obtained and a local alert was sent out onto the

  • Man Stabbed

    Man Stabbed0

    Dispatcher Files A call came in from a AAA Response (TrackBox) member in the eMbo area, regarding a 39 year-old male who had been stabbed in the back and was bleeding profusely. I established the nearest landmark to enable emergency services to get there as soon as possible. When I called the member again he