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  • Requiring to be tracked while driving

    Requiring to be tracked while driving0

    Dispatcher Files We received an app activation from a AAA Response member requiring to be tracked while driving. I advised the member to activate the TrackMe feature on the App when they were starting the journey. The members were travelling from Secunda to Harrismith , Freestate, a total of 323 kms. They were towing a

  • Poaching – Ipithi Nature Reserve

    Poaching – Ipithi Nature Reserve0

    Dispatcher Files We received an early morning call recently from a member who operates in the Wild Life areas in Kwazulu Natal. In this case, a poaching group was operating in the Ipithi Nature Reserve, Hillcrest, KZN. The previous evening a lactating Duiker had been trapped in a Snare within the reserve. A group of

  • Female patient possibly overdosed

    Female patient possibly overdosed0

    Dispatcher Files During the end of a recent day shift, we received a message from one of our own saying that he needed assistance. He had received an alert of a female patient that had possibly overdosed. Netcare was dispatched swiftly to get advanced life support to the patient so she would have a chance.

  • Veld fire escalating

    Veld fire escalating0

    Dispatcher Files We received a call from a AAA Response member recently who is also part of a Neighbourhood Watch, reporting a Veld Fire that was escalating in the Silverton area of Pretoria.  The conditions reported in the area were strong and gusting winds and this resulted in the long dry grass that had caught

  • Suspects flee when Neighbourhood Watch intervenes

    Suspects flee when Neighbourhood Watch intervenes0

    Dispatcher Files We recently received a call from a AAA Response member requesting assistance after an attempted burglary at a residence in the Hillcrest area. She had received an alert from a Neighbourhood Watch group that a Burglary was in progress at a neighbour’s property. The neighbours were reportedly not at home. We immediately contacted

  • Driver shot – Hijack

    Driver shot – Hijack0

    Dispatcher Files Late at night recently we received a call from a AAA Response member reporting there had been a violent incident in the Pinetown area of KZN. A group of men requested an eHailing service to collect them and they had allegedly planned to hijack the drivers vehicle. When the eHailing service driver had