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  • Vehicle Recovery Report

    Vehicle Recovery Report0

    Recently a vehicle entered Hillcrest and was picked up by one of the SNIPR South Africa cameras which indicated that the vehicle was listed as stolen #SAPS (Durban Central). I immediately informed #SAPS #Hillcrest who responded in the blink of an eye and were able to track, and recover the vehicle. Thanks to #SAPS Hillcrest for their devotion. Working with such a

  • Residential areas are noise complaints

    Residential areas are noise complaints0

    One of the most common issues in residential areas are noise complaints. These days not everyone works a 9 to 5 job; some work shifts and come home to neighbours who constantly play loud music and party, or in some cases, have loud domestic incidents. I received a call from a TrackBox member who regularly

  • Be safe if travelling on our roads

    Be safe if travelling on our roads0

    As December and January weather is fairly unpredictable, with hot days interspersed with cold rainy days, it is advised that all members please be safe if travelling on our roads in the wet and slippery conditions. December saw quite a few accidents and January statistics have picking up. Please take care to keep a safe

  • TrackBox has many features and functions to keep families and communities safe

    TrackBox has many features and functions to keep families and communities safe0

    Each day we wake up and make plans for the day but we never know what may happen along the way. One of our most popular features is the ‘Track Me’ button. Whether it’s just for a morning or afternoon run, travelling to and from work or travelling for business or pleasure, Track Me is

  • The life of an ERPC dispatcher

    The life of an ERPC dispatcher0

    Many cases come and go, but there are always those that you will carry with you each and every day thereafter. Whether it be an accidental call that leaves you in tears from laughter or a call that rips your heart from your chest because of the heartbreak that follows. These are the days that we as

  • Traffic accident – Motor Vehicle Accidents

    Traffic accident – Motor Vehicle Accidents0

    First day of shift: Wet weather conditions. Lovely weather for our farmers’ fields to feed the nation however it would be a busy shift for us in the ERPC. We urge all our members and road users to arrive alive and travel safely, please. A few safety tips from all dispatchers in the ERPC control: