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  • MEDICAL EMERGENCY- experiencing severe stomach cramps

    MEDICAL EMERGENCY- experiencing severe stomach cramps0

    Dispatcher Files I recently received a call from a AAA Response member explaining that his son was experiencing severe stomach cramps and had been vomiting since midday. The parents of the 26 year-old man wanted to know what they could do. I advised them that I could send an ambulance to stabilise him and give

  • Toyota Corolla triggered, Stopped & Recovered

    Toyota Corolla triggered, Stopped & Recovered0

    Dispatcher Files Shortly after starting my night recently, a stolen Toyota Corolla triggered a @SNIPR camera in the Mtunzini area.  I confirmed that security members were aware of the vehicle’s location and shortly thereafter @Z2 Security and the Umfolozi SAPS Flying Squad stopped the vehicle on the R102 and took possession of it, arresting one

  • Pensioner Falls Down

    Pensioner Falls Down0

    Dispatcher Files During a recent day shift one of our elderly AAA Response members in Kloof called for assistance as her neighbour had fallen and was unable to get up. She and another neighbour had both attempted to assist the woman, to no avail. I gathered her information and dispatched  @Netcare 911 to assist as

  • Experiencing abdominal pains and condition worsening

    Experiencing abdominal pains and condition worsening0

    Dispatcher Files On one of my first night shifts I received a call from one of our members seeking help as his wife was experiencing abdominal pains and the tablets that she had taken were not helping and her condition was getting worse. I obtained all the details of the patient and was able to

  • Removal of Snakes from yard

    Removal of Snakes from yard0

    Dispatcher Files I was very surprised when I received a call from a AAA Response member who needed assistance with removal of two snakes from his yard. It was surprising because most people believe that snakes are dangerous and will kill them when they come across them, even if it’s harmless. Though snakes are scary

  • Medical – Collapsed Conscious

    Medical – Collapsed Conscious0

    Dispatcher Files On my night shift I received a call from one of our AAA Response members informing me that his neighbour had fallen two days previously but was refusing to go to hospital for X-rays.  The neighbour had called him explaining that she was in so much pain that she could barely move and