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  • Veld Fire Precaution and Control

    Veld Fire Precaution and Control0

    Dispatcher Files What to do when veld fire conditions are forecast:  Refrain from starting fires in the open air during periods of high fire hazard.  The establishment of formal fire control committees is extremely helpful. To control fires that may arise, an alarm system, fire-fighting teams, and beaters can be organised in advance and plans prepared

  • Swimming – Safety Tips

    Swimming – Safety Tips0

    Dispatcher Files With the soaring temperatures, swimming in cool water brings some welcome relief. Drowning is however an ever-present risk when people go on outings to rivers, beaches and dams.Below are some water safety tips for when swimming in the ocean: Before entering the sea, swimmers must take time to watch the waves and must

  • Track Me

    Track Me0

    Dispatcher Files We have a AAA Response member who always activates her ‘TrackMe’ function for us to track her until she gets safely to her destination. She activates the app before she leaves her house to go to work and before she leaves work to go home, every Monday to Friday.  Yesterday morning however, I

  • Cycling Road Rules

    Cycling Road Rules0

    Dispatcher Files Please adhere to these road rules when cycling, to ensure your own safety and the safety of other road users: Riding without a helmet is illegal Always stop at all red traffic lights and stop streets, and give way to pedestrians The law says you must ride on the left side of the

  • Head Injuries

    Head Injuries0

    Dispatcher Files Symptoms Head injuries can cause a wide variety of symptoms, depending on the type of injury, its severity and its location. Doctors classify head injuries into three categories, based on the symptoms: Mild head injury — There is minimal injury to the outside of the head, with no loss of consciousness. The injured

  • Seven signs that your phone might have been hacked

    Seven signs that your phone might have been hacked0

    Dispatcher Files Your device might feel a lot hotter than usual Your battery might not last as long as it should You seem to be using more data than you usually do Your call message records include calls you didn’t make and messages you didn’t send You might see a lot more pop-up ads than