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  • Shopping Centre – Robbery in Progress

    Shopping Centre – Robbery in Progress0

    Dispatcher Files A AAA Response (TrackBox) member called our ERPC to report a robbery in progress at a shopping centre in Newcastle.  There were four suspects, three of them armed with handguns and one standing outside with a rifle.A getaway vehicle was seen, and the description given to SAPS who sent a unit to the

  • Suspicious Vehicle Spotted and Reported

    Suspicious Vehicle Spotted and Reported0

    Dispatcher Files While on my day-shift I received a voice note alert from a AAA Response (TrackBox) member informing us that a suspicious vehicle had been spotted in Kloof.  The member had utilised the GPS Voice Note on his AAA Response (TrackBox) app. This feature allows a user to record a voice note of up

  • Collapsed – unconscious

    Collapsed – unconscious0

    Dispatcher Files One of our AAA Response (TrackBox) members activated their AAA Response app to advise that a 28 year-old male had collapsed on a beach in Amanzimtoti and asked if we could assist with an ambulance. I called our emergency members in the area and within ten minutes an ambulance was on scene to

  • Road Safety and Flood Risks for Drivers and Pedestrians

    Road Safety and Flood Risks for Drivers and Pedestrians0

    Dispatcher Files At this time of year the chances of flooding are high. Precautions should therefore be taken in wet weather when driving on the freeway, approaching bridges, river crossings and roads which are known to flood. Be aware of the following: Flash floods Debris Standing water Aquaplaning Be vigilant at night when water hazards

  • Elderly lady suffers a fall

    Elderly lady suffers a fall0

    Dispatcher Files Recently I had a AAA-Response (TrackBox) member phone in, telling us that his grandmother had fallen. She was not only a very delicate lady but she also had a pacemaker. This meant that high levels of stress or anxiety could cause complications for her.  We responded ASAP and dispatched an ambulance for her

  • Drug Dealing

    Drug Dealing0

    Dispatcher Files A AAA-Response (TrackBox) member called to inform us that he had spotted a vehicle in his neighbourhood, the occupants of which were suspected to be involved in drug dealing.  We called SAPS immediately to investigate  but by the time they arrived the vehicle had moved out of the area. Drug dealers are operating