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  • Medical – Fall from Horse

    Medical – Fall from Horse0

    Dispatcher Files It was on my recent day shift that I received a call from one of our AAA Response members advising that one of his neighbours had gone out for a ride on her horse and on returning she had fallen off the horse sustaining a serious injury. I dispatched Netcare 911 who went

  • Gender-Based Violence

    Gender-Based Violence0

    Dispatcher Files Incidents of gender-based violence have increased dramatically during the lockdown period. It has become the new pandemic. Let’s take a stand against GBV as a collective. We also remind you to use your AAA Response app, whistle/hooter/cellphone or any other resource that can alert anyone when you see or hear a situation of

  • Vehicle recovered after quick action by GP Security and SAPS

    Vehicle recovered after quick action by GP Security and SAPS0

    Dispatcher Files A Toyota Conquest was recently recovered after quick action by GP Security and SAPS when a stolen vehicle alert came up on one of our SNIPR cameras.  The vehicle and its three occupants were escorted to Port Edward SAPS where the vehicle was searched and its details checked on the system. The two

  • Families in Need!

    Families in Need!0

    Dispatcher Files During the lockdown many factories and businesses have had to close down. This in turn has left many families struggling to meet their everyday needs including essentials such as food and clean water.  People are becoming desperate to survive and care for their families and loved ones. When doing your shopping you can

  • Violence Against Women

    Violence Against Women0

    Dispatcher Files Women are murdered every single day in South Africa, mostly by people who are close to them. Since the beginning of the Covid-19 lockdown violence against women has increased. This may be caused by stress, loss of income, the disruption of social and protective networks and decreased access to services, all exacerbating the

  • Caring for our Animals

    Caring for our Animals0

    Dispatcher Files In recent weeks the weather has been very cold. The temperature has dropped to -5 degrees Celsius in places. Fortunately most of us are safe from the icy winds but due to lockdown, many people can no longer afford to look after their animals and have made very tough decisions and given them