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  • Nearly Abducted

    Nearly Abducted0

    In the control room information is key to us as it is our starting point to get everything on the go .In an emergency, it is very difficult to pay attention to detail, but this is one of the most important keys to our success in helping you.  If you have been robbed, nearly abducted

  • Pay attention to the little things

    Pay attention to the little things0

    Something I would like to share with our members is an incident that turned out to be a horrible situation for myself in a time of need. As a parent there come times in life where you need to spend money on important things, and time goes by so quickly sometimes you forget to save

  • Assistance required with Domestic Violence

    Assistance required with Domestic Violence0

    We often receive calls during the evenings from members requesting assistance regarding domestic violence. Domestic violence is not limited to physical abuse but can occur verbally as well. These cases take place in the workplace, home, school and social environments. Domestic Violence is defined as ‘abusive behavior from an individual where he/she tries to gain

  • Vehicle damaged after attempted theft

    Vehicle damaged after attempted theft0

    Just as we arrived on night shift a TrackBox AAA Response member called in to advise that someone had tried to steal their vehicle, damaging it in the process, therefore requiring that it be towed. She was with her son-in-law at a local High School..  All the necessary details were taken and a local towing

  • Hijacked in the street

    Hijacked in the street0

    Received a call from a member that a couple had knocked at his door saying they had just been hijacked in the street.  My partner immediately called Norkem Park SAPS while I reached out to Afriforum and got the vehicle information to search on the @SNIPR database to see if the vehicle had driven past

  • Emergency Drills

    Emergency Drills0

    In order to ensure that our staff are on the ball and utilise appropriate skills and knowledge in emergency situations, @Together SA CAN (NPO) and other partner companies regularly participate in mock emergency drills. This is also for the benefit of our contributing members who are company-based, to ensure that such operations and procedures are