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  • CoDriver Assist – Vehicle Accident

    CoDriver Assist – Vehicle Accident0

    One of our Johannesburg based members called in recently requesting a tow truck. One of their company vehicles has been in an accident and they need assistance.We swiftly dispatched one of our service providers who arrived on scene within a short period and was able to tow the vehicle to the requested location. In the

  • Monitor CoDriver Assist request

    Monitor CoDriver Assist request0

    A call was received recently from a Monitor CoDriver Assist member reporting that his vehicle tyre had burst while he was driving to a meeting, and that he did not have a spare tyre available. We immediately established the location of the incident and were able to find a company nearby that had the correct

  • 78-year-old experiencing breathing difficulties

    78-year-old experiencing breathing difficulties0

    We received a call from a AAA Response member in June who sounded panicked. After calming the member down, she advised me that her 78-year-old husband was experiencing breathing difficulties. We immediately dispatched Netcare 911 to the members home address to assist further. The Netcare 911 team takes extra precaution when breathing difficulties are reported

  • Home Assist for power supply interruption

    Home Assist for power supply interruption0

    We recently received an activation from a Home Assist member via our Monitor Administrators corporate client in the Gauteng area, who reported that his power supply had not returned after load shedding had ended in his area. He suspected that the fault may have been caused by his UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) system and requested

  • Motor Vehicle Accident, Kwazulu Natal

    Motor Vehicle Accident, Kwazulu Natal0

    In the early hours of one morning, we received a call from a member reporting that he had been involved in a motor vehicle accident. His vehicle had collided with another vehicle and the two occupants of that vehicle also required assistance. We got details of the incident location from our member and immediately dispatched

  • Attempting to gain access to an Estate

    Attempting to gain access to an Estate0

    Dispatchers Files Some time back we received an activation from a residential estate in the Kwazulu Natal area. They requested assistance with a person who was attempting to gain access to the Estate. The personnel at the gated entrance explained that the person appeared to be under the influence of Narcotics or potentially had mental