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  • Always ready to help.

    Always ready to help.0

    Dispatcher Files Even when off duty, the duty of a dispatcher is the same, and that is: to help where help is needed. I was on one of my days off when I heard an elderly woman speaking to her friend about how unsafe she felt when out and about. On hearing this, I walked

  • Poachers Caught (Hilton)

    Poachers Caught (Hilton)0

    Dispatcher Files On my afternoon shift at approximately 16:30 I received a call from a TrackBox member in Hilton who had heard the distress call of a buck. When he looked through his binoculars, he could see two handlers and their three hunting dogs which were attacking a duiker.  I alerted SAPS for the area

  • Black Mamba!

    Black Mamba!0

    Dispatcher Files Early in my evening shift I received a call from a concerned TrackBox member in Forest Hills to report that they had a black mamba in their house. Needless to say, this was an emergency as the family were petrified at having such a dangerous reptile inside their living area. I immediately called

  • Bakkie veers off road

    Bakkie veers off road0

    Dispatcher Files Today I worked late and only left the ERPC well after 8 p.m. It was dark and the rain was relentless with the mist adding to the mix.  After a quick grocery stop, we drove very carefully along the normal route home as the roads were slippery. There had been two accidents earlier

  • “TRACK ME” Feature

    “TRACK ME” Feature0

    Dispatcher Files Today I received a call from a TrackBox subscriber who was travelling from Howick to Joburg. She requested that she be phoned every hour so we set the reminder for her “Track Me” to alert every hour. Throughout the day we called her to make sure that she was okay. We chatted with

  • Distress calls involving incidents of domestic violence

    Distress calls involving incidents of domestic violence0

    Dispatcher Files Occasionally we receive distress calls involving incidents of domestic violence. These are difficult to deal with as the member making the call may be in a very precarious situation and may not be able to talk freely. The South African Domestic Violence Act 1998 defines domestic violence as: physical, sexual, emotional, verbal or