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  • Disturbing the Peace

    Disturbing the Peace0

    Dispatcher Files Noise pollution is a growing problem and many residents are stumped as to what to do about excessive noise, whether this is due to noisy neighbours or other sources, such as business or industrial activity. One of our AAA Response (TrackBox) members in Gauteng called in to report that residents of a neighbouring

  • Building on Fire

    Building on Fire0

    Dispatcher Files 11:08 – On my morning shift I received a call from a AAA Response (TrackBox) Member to say that a building was on fire in Pinetown.11:11 – No injuries were reported and it was confirmed that firefighters were already on scene trying to bring the fire under control and that Netcare911 were also

  • Bank Account Hacked

    Bank Account Hacked0

    Dispatcher Files I received a call from one of our members explaining that a large sum of money had been withdrawn from his son’s account. His son had never used online banking and he had not given anyone his PIN so the cause was unknown at the time.  During the investigation, it was found that

  • Attempted Suicide

    Attempted Suicide0

    Dispatcher Files Shortly after starting my night shift I received a call informing me of an attempted suicide. The female victim had taken an overdose of pills and was semi-conscious. A family member said that she had been suffering from depression and had recently been discharged from a hospital which treated psychiatric patients. I immediately

  • Hit and Run Incident

    Hit and Run Incident0

    Dispatcher Files Springs (Gauteng) – A AAA Response (TrackBox) Member activated his app to report a hit and run incident that had just occurred. A male pedestrian had been knocked over and the vehicle in question had fled the scene. I immediately dispatched @Netcare911. . I then called Springs SAPS and informed them, providing them

  • A cousin never returned home one evening

    A cousin never returned home one evening0

    Dispatcher Files Information came to us regarding a lady who was reported missing. She had been walking to a church meeting and had sent a concerning message to a family member after noticing a vehicle driving slowly a few paces behind her.  We managed to contact the family member in question and she confirmed that