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  • Medical Response – Collapsed – Conscious

    Medical Response – Collapsed – Conscious0

    We received an activation recently from one of our members in the Upper Highway area of Kwazulu Natal. She requested an ambulance for her husband who had fallen and injured his face and elbow and was in severe pain. We dispatched Netcare 911 and paramedics arrived on scene swiftly. The elderly patient was stabilised and

  • Emergency Response – Breathing Difficulties

    Emergency Response – Breathing Difficulties0

    We received an emergency activation from a member some time back requesting urgent emergency assistance. One of her staff members was having difficulty breathing and needed an ambulance. I gathered the necessary information and dispatched Netcare 911. Netcare arrived on scene swiftly and paramedics stabilised the patient, after which she was transported to a nearby

  • Emergency Response – Farm Attack

    Emergency Response – Farm Attack0

    In late August we received an activation from a traumatised member that their neighbour, a 67 year old farmer, had been stabbed in the stomach in the Pietermaritzburg area.He requested urgent assistance and we swiftly dispatched an ambulance from Netcare 911, who on arrival sadly determined that the victim was already deceased. An unknown male

  • Emergency Response – Runaway bush fire

    Emergency Response – Runaway bush fire0

    We recently received a phone call from one of our members reporting a major fire in her street. The fire appeared to be spreading to someone’s property and house as well. To make matters worse, there was strong winds in the area exacerbating the situation. The closest fire department was swiftly dispatched to deal with

  • Emergency Response – House Fire

    Emergency Response – House Fire0

    We recently received a AAA Activation from a member requesting urgent assistance. Their neighbour’s house was on fire and they could hear screaming and see smoke coming from the house. The nearest fire station and medical services were immediately dispatched to provide assistance. The fire rescue team arrived on the scene in less than ten

  • Medical Emergency – Broken Hip

    Medical Emergency – Broken Hip0

    We recently received an emergency activation from one of our AAA Response members. Her mother had fallen and possibly fractured her hip and they needed emergency support. We immediately dispatched Netcare 911 with an ambulance to assist the member on the scene in getting her mother off the floor and medically assessing her situation.While the