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  • 3 intruders in Garden

    3 intruders in Garden0

    Dispatcher Files In the early hours of a morning, a member activated her AAA Response App & reported that there were 3 intruders in her garden. From the App activation, I was able to determine that our member lived in the Strand area in Cape Town. While I took down the necessary information the member

  • Suspicious vehicle

    Suspicious vehicle0

    Dispatcher Files I received an activation from a AAA Response member who was on street patrol with their neighbourhood watch and came across a vehicle that was suspiciously driving extremely slowly through the area. I was able to pinpoint the incident location which was in the Secunda area in Mpumalanga. The vehicle had 3 occupants

  • Assistance required at home after procedure

    Assistance required at home after procedure0

    Dispatcher Files We received a call recently from an elderly couple in the Pretoria area who were experiencing difficulties at home after having recieved a Spinal Cord procedure. The member reported that her husband was unable to get out of bed and she did not have the strength to lift or assist hm. After establishing

  • Attempt to steal Toyota Hilux

    Attempt to steal Toyota Hilux0

    Dispatcher Files I received a call recently from an Insurance Broker representing a client that is an Insured member with MONITOR Roadside Assist who required assistance. I was able to contact the Insured member who is based in Johannesburg. He explained that there had been an attempt to steal his vehicle, a Toyota Hilux Raider.

  • Assaulted and Traumatised

    Assaulted and Traumatised0

    Dispatcher Files One evening around midnight a member activated her AAA Response App and reported that she had been assaulted. The member was traumatised and had struggled to make contact with local SAPS to lay a charge of assault and domestic violence. I was able to report the incident on her behalf to the duty

  • Xenophobic attacks in Durban CBD

    Xenophobic attacks in Durban CBD0

    Dispatcher Files Some time back we received reports of shop fires in the Durban CBD area. After the fire department was dispatched, it was discovered that the burning shops belonged to foreign nationals. All emergency services were on scene. Although initially, the circumstances surrounding the fires were unknown, later reports confirmed that these attacks were