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  • Hit by a Car

    Hit by a Car0

    Dispatcher Files It was early morning and a TrackBox member called in about a pedestrian who was hit by a car. She reported the accident to us because she witnessed it while driving and there was no ambulance or police at the scene.  @Netcare911 was promptly dispatched making sure no time was wasted in sending

  • This illness causes a variety of emotional rollercoasters and physical problems

    This illness causes a variety of emotional rollercoasters and physical problems0

    Dispatcher Files Depression is a common illness in society, often leading to suicide attempts. This is a serious condition that affects the way you think and feel negatively. This illness causes a variety of emotional rollercoasters and physical problems, weight loss or gain, eating disorders, a huge lack of interest and a lack of sleep,

  • My advice to mothers out there

    My advice to mothers out there0

    Dispatcher Files My name is Nqobile, 28 years of age. I joined TrackBox/SA CAN about a month ago. I’m the mother of two boys living with my granny, auntie, uncle and two cousins. My firstborn is 6 years old and lastborn will turn 4 months in April. It’s always a joy to see him growing

  • Car stolen and recovered within an hour

    Car stolen and recovered within an hour0

    Dispatcher Files I received a call from a TrackBox member saying that their car had been stolen. The member was unable to recall which tracking company her car was with. I found a recent image of the vehicle by searching the @SNIPR cameras and loaded the vehicle onto SNIPR and published a local alert.   I

  • Dog stolen with car

    Dog stolen with car0

    Dispatcher Files At around 11:15 a.m. I received a call about a vehicle that had been stolen with the owner’s dog still inside. The owner was very worried that the thieves might harm their beloved pet.  I posted a local alert, loaded the vehicle onto the @SNIPR database and received information that it was being

  • Carpe Diem!

    Carpe Diem!0

    Dispatcher files We go about each day in our own set routines. It’s what we are comfortable with. It’s familiarity. With being comfortable in your set ways, the need to explore outside the box is non-existent. Why should we?  We are content with what our days hold so why should we change that? So when