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  • Emergency Medical Assist – Stroke

    Emergency Medical Assist – Stroke0

    We received a call from one of our members who takes care of the elderly who have health issues. She reported that a 68-year-old male patient was having a stroke and required urgent attention. We immediately dispatched Netcare 911 to provide medical attention and an ambulance. Our member advised that the patient was diabetic and

  • CoDriver Assist – Heavy motor vehicle tow

    CoDriver Assist – Heavy motor vehicle tow0

    Some time back we received an urgent call from a Monitor Roadside Assist member. Assistance was required to tow an 8-ton heavy motor vehicle (HMV) that had broken down. The Vehicle was fully loaded with plastic products. We immediately established the breakdown location and used our Proximity Dispatching system to locate the nearest approved towing

  • Emergency Response – Heart Attack

    Emergency Response – Heart Attack0

    In the early hours of a morning some time back we received an emergency activation from a AAA Response member who needed urgent medical assistance. The member believed that her husband may be having a heart attack and she was very agitated and worried for him. After assisting the member to calm down in order

  • AAA Response – A conflict between neighbours

    AAA Response – A conflict between neighbours0

    We recently received an emergency activation from a member requesting SAPS intervention. He reported that there was a large conflict between families in a particular street in the Upper Highway area of Kwazulu Natal and that the families were coming to blows.We contacted the nearest SAPS station as well as dispatching nearby neighbourhood watch street

  • CoDriver Assist amidst the KZN Riots

    CoDriver Assist amidst the KZN Riots0

    We received a roadside assistance activation from a member with a flat battery problem on her vehicle. She needed to get to work for an important meeting but could not get her car started as a result of the battery. We had just been through the week-long looting spree and unrest in and around KZN

  • Emergency Response – Missing Person

    Emergency Response – Missing Person0

    We recently received a missing persons alert from one of our members. He explained that his colleague had not returned to work after dropping his children at school and that his phone had not been working for the past six hours. He was concerned that he may have been hijacked and requested our assistance. We