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  • Seven signs that your phone might have been hacked

    Seven signs that your phone might have been hacked0

    Dispatcher Files Your device might feel a lot hotter than usual Your battery might not last as long as it should You seem to be using more data than you usually do Your call message records include calls you didn’t make and messages you didn’t send You might see a lot more pop-up ads than

  • Crime Prevention – Safety Tips – Safety Awareness in a Vehicle

    Crime Prevention – Safety Tips – Safety Awareness in a Vehicle0

    Dispatcher Files Ensure that your vehicle is in good condition when you plan to go on a journey Ensure that you always have sufficient fuel Always lock your vehicle’s doors and keep the windows closed Do not leave your vehicle unlocked, even if you think you will be away for only a minute. Avoid stopping

  • Car Battery Maintenance

    Car Battery Maintenance0

    Dispatcher Files We often receive calls from our members requesting assistance with jump starts after their vehicle’s battery dies. These are the few tips to keep your car battery life healthy: Run the engine periodically if the car is not in use Minimise battery usage when the engine is turned off Keeping the battery clean

  • Driving safely in wet weather

    Driving safely in wet weather0

    Dispatcher Files Bad weather can catch drivers off guard. You may not be a reckless driver, but something as simple as a mild drizzle could impact your ability to drive safely. Here are a few tips to help lower your accident risk and increase your driving skill. The 2-3 Second Rule – To apply this

  • Advanced CoDriver Assistance Centre

    Advanced CoDriver Assistance Centre0

    Dispatcher Files Last month the number of cases relating to roadside assistance increased slightly. With the country now on Level 1 lockdown, a lot has changed and the open sale of alcohol has increased the number of drunk drivers on the roads. Also, with spring arriving, and with it, the wetter weather, extra safety precautions

  • Three things to do when your vehicle’s brakes fail

    Three things to do when your vehicle’s brakes fail0

    Dispatcher Files In the unfortunate event of brake failure, try to remain calm and do the following: Downshift to a lower gear.  Pump the brake pedal fast and hard. This builds up brake fluid pressure.  Use the parking brake. Gradually apply the parking brake and be prepared for the car to skid. If none of