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  • Accidental Fires

    Accidental Fires0

    Dispatcher Files During the winter months, fires are common and it is very important to take every precaution either at your home or business. Children’s safety is also very important and they should be made aware of fire hazards and fire safety to prevent any mishaps from occurring around the home. Young children are particularly

  • Missing person safely recovered

    Missing person safely recovered0

    Dispatcher Files I received a call from a member of the public in Gauteng reporting that his brother had gone missing the previous night. He mentioned that he was last seen the previous day on his way to work and had not returned. The caller had heard that we could trace a cell phone number

  • Hijacking Increase

    Hijacking Increase0

    Dispatcher Files With the massive increase of unemployed and desperate people, we are sure to see a spike in the crime statistics. We have already noted a spike in hijackings, and the following tips should be adhered to: Be vigilant when entering your driveway and garage  Be vigilant when stopping at traffic light or intersections 

  • False number plates

    False number plates0

    Dispatcher Files A white Renault with plates belonging to another vehicle passed one of the CPF cameras in Ballito. CPF and SAPS members were immediately dispatched and managed to locate and stop the vehicle. The owner was told to remove the plates and have new plates issued, as this had not been done since the

  • Missing adult in Pietermaritzburg

    Missing adult in Pietermaritzburg0

    Dispatcher Files We received information about a missing adult in Pietermaritzburg. After gathering all the information on the person I sent an alert out onto the TrackBox AAA app platform for our members and posted to all social media sites. Within a matter of minutes after posting the alert we received a lead as to

  • Hit a pothole and stranded in the middle of nowhere

    Hit a pothole and stranded in the middle of nowhere0

    Dispatcher Files In the early hours of the morning of my recent night shift I received a call from a AAA Response member informing me that a friend of hers who is not a client had hit a pothole with his vehicle causing damage to the CV joint. I called her friend directly and he