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  • When you don’t know where to turn, turn to us.

    When you don’t know where to turn, turn to us.0

    Dispatcher Files Today, I received a call from a lady saying that her sister had just passed away in her sleep. She was distraught. The news quickly reached her mother and she also broke down. This, in turn, caused her to slip into a continuous state of panic. Their sister and loving daughter had been

  • Poaching with dogs, a massive problem…

    Poaching with dogs, a massive problem…0

    Dispatcher Files ERPC Dispatchers are always on the alert for criminal activity and we look out beyond our local boundaries on a daily basis.  Poaching with dogs is a massive problem in rural, semi-rural and peri-urban areas and unfortunately we find ourselves dealing with more and more poaching cases, almost on a daily basis. What

  • Body on the road

    Body on the road0

    Dispatcher Files Today on my day shift I received a call from a lady in Cape Town who had just driven past a man who was lying half in the road and half on the pavement. She was too afraid to stop as she was aware of the various methods used by hijackers to target

  • Vehicle Breakdown

    Vehicle Breakdown0

    Dispatcher Files On dayshift I received a call from an elderly couple who were travelling home from their day out with their dog. Upon reaching their halfway point they had a vehicle breakdown on the side of the road. Their first thought was to call TrackBox and request assistance.  After a brief two minute phone

  • Rape of a toddler

    Rape of a toddler0

    Dispatcher files Today on my shift I received a call that no one ever wishes to receive – a case of child-rape. A lady called in to report that her 3 year-old toddler had been raped by a family member. I advised her to take the victim to the nearest hospital where she could be

  • Advanced CoDriver Assistance Centre

    Advanced CoDriver Assistance Centre0

    Dispatcher Files I received a call from a AAA Response (TrackBox)/Monitor Administrators member requesting emergency assistance as one of their vehicles had broken down outside a mall in Midrand. They asked for it to be towed to a dealership on the East Rand. Within ten minutes of calling our approved towing company for the area,