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  • Know your insurance details & ensure that an approved service provider tows your vehicle.

    Know your insurance details & ensure that an approved service provider tows your vehicle.0

    Dispatcher Files I received a call from a Monitor Administrators client informing that one of his vehicles had been involved in an accident. He was unsure whether there were any injuries and was on his way to the accident scene.  I called a nearby tow truck operator to tow the vehicle and kept in touch

  • Forest Fire

    Forest Fire0

    Dispatcher Files The ERPC received a report from a TrackBox member that during a storm a lightning strike had set fire to a nearby forest area. I called the nearest Fire Department to assist and they arrived quickly on scene and within a short time the fire was extinguished.  It is important to report a

  • Damage-causing Animals

    Damage-causing Animals0

    Dispatcher Files I received a call recently while on day-shift regarding two dogs that had been on a farm, killing the local wildlife. The member had reported that the dogs had repeatedly come onto the property and she had heard the bleats of the buck that the dogs had hunted and killed. She also reported

  • Avoiding an Accident

    Avoiding an Accident0

    Dispatcher Files On my night shift I received a call from a TrackBox member who had popped the tyres of his vehicle after avoiding a two-truck collision on the N3 eastbound. The member was not injured but his vehicle had hit an object that had fallen off one of the trucks.  Please take precautions in

  • How to treat a stab wound

    How to treat a stab wound0

    Dispatcher files Working in the ERPC* environment means dealing with calls that consist of violence and trauma of all kinds. One morning we received a call from a member requesting an ambulance after reposting a message that someone had been stabbed in the back. We quickly dispatched Netcare 911 and tried to assist the member

  • Keys locked in Car…

    Keys locked in Car…0

    Dispatcher Files Today a gentleman phoned and was beside himself because his keys were left in his car and the vehicle had automatically locked. He had been rushing around trying to find a way to get to work because not only were his car keys in the vehicle but his house keys as well.  He