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  • Two suspects were detained

    Two suspects were detained0

    Dispatcher Files A Toyota RAV triggered one of our SNIPR cameras in central Joburg and alerts were sent out to security members. The vehicle was monitored by our officers on the ground and SAPS were also notified.  After stopping the vehicle two suspects were detained and handed over to SAPS, and the vehicle impounded. We

  • AAA Response team poaching report

    AAA Response team poaching report0

    Dispatcher Files Poaching incidents have been on the decline since the month of April when we had a total of 12 reported cases. May brought with it a total of 9 poaching incidents for the entire month. This does not however reflect the true statistics of the actual amount of poaching that has occurred due

  • Motor Vehicle Accident

    Motor Vehicle Accident0

    Dispatcher Files On a recent afternoon shift I received a call from a rural AAA Response member needing urgent medical assistance as seven staff members had been involved in an accident when their truck overturned. I called Netcare 911 and also 112 Emergency to dispatch ambulances to the scene and made sure that they also

  • Stolen Vehicle Impounded

    Stolen Vehicle Impounded0

    Dispatcher Files A stolen vehicle was flagged on one of the SNIPR cameras and various security operatives were alerted, among them: Hawks Security, IPSS Security, Marshall Security and Ballito UIP.  The vehicle was tracked and recovered a short while afterwards at a filling station in Ballito, and impounded. The driver was handed over to SAPS

  • Noise Disturbance

    Noise Disturbance0

    Dispatcher Files While on my day shift, one of our AAA Response members called in about a noise complaint in her area. She said that there were a few neighbours who often played loud, booming music that disturbed the peace of the elderly citizens. I made a call to the local SAPS to attend to

  • Vehicle Impounded

    Vehicle Impounded0

    Dispatcher Files A silver Toyota Corolla recently activated a SNIPR camera in Midrand and a reaction unit was dispatched to locate and stop the vehicle.  The reaction officer managed to locate and stop the vehicle and the driver admitted that he had previously been arrested, but gave no reason why. The vehicle was impounded and