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  • “No closure yet for tragic car crash”, by Peta Lee

    “No closure yet for tragic car crash”, by Peta Lee0

    “This month marks two years (19 October 2018) since popular Nottingham Road farmer and father of three Johannis-Jan (JJ) van de Velde was killed when a car piloted by an apparent drunk driver slammed headlong into him on the Tweedie road”.. View the full article from today’s edition of the Village Talk publication here: (see

  • Green Flags

    Green Flags0

    To all the Commanders, Members and Community Leaders, the team that make up our policing ministry. The nation’s souls, hearts and blood are in our hands. Let us remember that when we drop on one knee in service to all of our people, both members and extended communities in all sectors – that anger, deep

  • KZN Truth Database – Policing Sector – Farm

    KZN Truth Database – Policing Sector – Farm0

    Model Setting & Development Phase 1 – Reconstruction Team, I am so pleased to report that after months of work, the KZN Policing Sector – Farm Victims – Murder list from 2010 to 2020 is complete. This database contains 100% verified data which we believe has given us a result of 95%. Only as we

  • Stock thieves nabbed for murder in Swartberg

    Stock thieves nabbed for murder in Swartberg0

    Our Specialised Victim Support (SVS) platform has also been activated for the two men that were murdered – more to follow on this in due course Case UID: SVS Stage: Incident:Case Age: Time:SAPS CAS: Case: Victims:Born:Age:Sex:Nationality: Policing:Position: Sefoloko MurderStage 2 – ArrestWednesday, 16 September 20200y 0m 26d21:20:0033&37/09/2020 Gowan Lea KwaZulu-NatalMurderMr. Makatleo Veronica SefolokoMonday, 22 May

  • An Interview with Kiki Dion who survived the attack on Trish Taylor

    An Interview with Kiki Dion who survived the attack on Trish Taylor0

    Patricia “Trish” Vause Taylor (64) who owned Threeways Getaway in Rosetta, KwaZulu Natal and Cecilia “Kiki” Dion (70), a foreigner from Canada, were watching TV when two balaclava-clad gunmen entered at the other end of the house through the bathroom window and crept down the passage, past the kitchen and into the lounge. Kiki and

  • Feedback from the Brits Family

    Feedback from the Brits Family0

    Colin Leslie Brits (64), who was a bachelor and lived alone on Craigmillar Farm in Elandskraal, Kwazulu Natal was found in his home with a gunshot wound to the head at 16:00 on Monday the 16th of March 2020.  Colin seemed to have been ambushed and a struggle ensued. Staff heard gunshots and went to