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  • Four years since the senseless murder of the Solik’s

    Four years since the senseless murder of the Solik’s0

    A reflection, written by Greg Solik, son of Roger and Christine Solik.. Tonight, four years ago, Calli and I had a conversation with my parents at about 8pm. It was a good conversation. We did not know they were being watched. We did not know that that was the last time that we would speak.

  • SVS: The Journalistic Crime Reporting Timeline

    SVS: The Journalistic Crime Reporting Timeline0

    Yin/Yang – The Pen and the Sword  The pen is not mightier than the sword when it comes to murder, serial murder, rape, kidnapping or the loss of children.  However, the pen is a weapon that sees into the future. It looks through the microscope and into the Petri dish, it brings together victims, communities,

  • Cycle of Crime – Path of Self-Destruction

    Cycle of Crime – Path of Self-Destruction0

    It is very interesting to see that those facing the murder charge were on a path of self- destruction and fit the normal profile of the cycle of crime going from petty crimes to eventual armed robbery and murder. The Shoba brothers Sabelo and Stembiso rake up the charges Sthembiso Domoyi Shoba Case# Station Charge

  • Jorg Filter, Son of Friedel Filter

    Jorg Filter, Son of Friedel Filter0

    Sometimes out of tragedy comes some real gifts to our nation that we often don’t recognise. Jorg, has become one of the most key role-players in KZN. He has become the go-to person who collates the facts of farm murders, is a mediator, translator and integrator between Afrikaans and English speaking groups, which leads to

  • Friedel Filter Victimology

    Friedel Filter Victimology0

    Both of the accused pleaded not guilty, meaning a long road ahead, made even worse by court delays. In the 911 days from the arrest, bail applications and trial processes only represented 1.5% of this time, with there being only around 14 days of total court time. 897 days or 98.5% of the time was

  • Pieter and Eddie Hills Victimology

    Pieter and Eddie Hills Victimology0

    The Democratic Alliance (DA) councillor in Hennenman, Maxie Badenhorst, reported that “Pieter was a special type of person. The community and his workers loved him. He was that guy in a small town, everyone I spoke to loved him.” (Richards 2020) “Eddie is a fighter; he’s a big, sporty guy – a rugby player. We