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  • Farm attack on a Sugar farm

    Farm attack on a Sugar farm0

    Dispatcher Files A AAA Panic Response activation was received from a member who was located between Bishopstowe and Ezibanane in Kwazulu Natal. An attack had taken place on a Sugar farm in the area. The Farmer could not be found and it was reported that 4 armed suspects had escaped in the sugar plantation. We

  • Stung by bees in a remote forest

    Stung by bees in a remote forest0

    Dispatcher Files We recently received an activation from a Mondi staff benefits member reporting that an employee had been stung by bees in a remote forested area near Kwambonambi, Kwazulu Natal. We were able to establish the exact location of the employee after receiving information from others who were with her. We also gathered information

  • Happy to see you happy!

    Happy to see you happy!0

    Thought for the Day! It makes me unbelievably happy to see you happy! I think if we did all we could to see each other happy, our world would be so different! Brian Jones (SA7)TrackBox ERPC National & International08616-TRACK08616-87225https://trackbox.world | https://t.me/BriansPD #TrackBox #SACAN #Teamwork #Thought_for_the_Day  #TrackBox_Helps #Download_the_App

  • Farm attack – Mooi River area – 5 armed suspects

    Farm attack – Mooi River area – 5 armed suspects0

    Dispatcher Files Information was received some time back that a farm attack had occurred in the Mooi River area. It was reported that 6 firearms, cell phones and laptops were stolen by 5 armed suspects. Further information was received that the suspects had fled the crime scene with 2 vehicles, one being a white Toyota

  • Gunshots outside…

    Gunshots outside…0

    Dispatcher Files We recently received a panic activation from a AAA Response member. The member who lives in Polokwane, Limpopo, reported that she had heard roughly 9 gunshots outside of her property. We were able to identify her exact location immediately as she had activated her premium AAA Response App which sends a panic activation

  • Self-inflicted gunshot wound – Urgent medical attention

    Self-inflicted gunshot wound – Urgent medical attention0

    Dispatcher Files Some time back we received a AAA Response Activation from a member requesting assistance at his residence in the outer west area of Durban, Kwazulu Natal. He reported that his elderly father had a self-inflicted gunshot wound and required urgent medical attention. After confirming the precise location of the incident we dispatched Netcare 911.