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Why I chose Telegram to support our communications, platforms and organisations.

Why I chose Telegram to support our communications, platforms and organisations.

Why I chose TELEGRAM and TELEGRAM X for our work at VCAT (Violent Crimes and Technology Support), Together SA CAN (NPO) and TrackBox Technologies (Pty) Ltd I have had a few calls asking about Telegram and Telegram X regarding security and other features. Attached* is a great article that answers all the questions.  The unacceptably

Why I chose TELEGRAM and TELEGRAM X for our work at VCAT (Violent Crimes and Technology Support), Together SA CAN (NPO) and TrackBox Technologies (Pty) Ltd

I have had a few calls asking about Telegram and Telegram X regarding security and other features. Attached* is a great article that answers all the questions. 

The unacceptably high South African annual murder figure of 22,000 is a major reason why I decided to look at what progressive communication platform would best serve our needs and those of the country as a whole. This was coupled with the key needs of integration and mass public adoption.

According to our statistics and crime reduction projects, we estimate that our country needs 10 million users all working toward a common cause in order to see a measurable shift and a positive change in policing for our country. Our number one challenge is communication and creating a hand-in-glove partnership with the public, which in the policing world, we call “intelligence gathering”.

In fact, we have a target to generate up to 10,000 calls, app activations, ANPR Alerts, and other communications from TrackBox subscribers and members of the public, but this totally depends on what type of case we are dealing with, the size of the area we are covering, and can last for a period of 7 to 14 days on an average matter. All sources are data entry points in order to create one complete document leading to arrests, convictions or preventative action being taken by the community. These are vital to any case of ours and are the measure of success or failure.

This is housed within our IMICS (Incident Management and Information Capturing System) and has been specially designed to run in collaboration with CAS, the SAPS Crime Administration System, which only opens a case once a crime has been committed. Below that number, the algorithms seem to prove an ongoing, compounding downward spiral.

So you can see the task ahead is immense when you consider that we need to build the trust of 10 million South Africans, and we need to give them trusted tools which will not come from the Government, no matter how passionate, upstanding or robust our Government and constitution are. This is because we have a country with broken trust in every sector of society. I totally trust all the policing structures I work with but I know that the public doesn’t. I have proven this over and over again. Project Mustard Seed proves this as well with some 2,415 arrests and over R710 million worth of recovered goods – the results speak for themselves. This is built on 17 years of trust-building, relationships, open and clear communication and of course the foundation we all stand on – technology. Each element needs to be networked and stitched together to be able to achieve the results we do.

When I introduced Zello Walkie-Talkie and ZelloWork to our working environment about 10 years ago, this was one of the best decisions I made for communications for us all. The results of this are immeasurable as to how many lives have been saved and how much our country has improved in the ongoing battle with crime. Zello, I really love our friendship and all you have done for me and for all of us here in South Africa. I am already seeing the same thing with Telegram as it takes hold in communities and organisations.

If you want to see why I did this, read this article: https://zello.com/work/customers/south-africa-community-action-network/

How is Telegram different from WhatsApp?

Security & Progress Updates
Telegram is an application which relies on income contributions from investors and therefore simply cannot afford to be hacked. This was a key point that caught my attention, as security is an absolutely essential part of such a large, global communication project, and with our specific needs in mind made perfect sense.

This gives me a good opportunity to revisit many of my past decisions put forward in presentations to various local, provincial and national leaders and organisations, such as the Hawks, Crime Intelligence, Netcare 911, Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife, Neighbourhood Watch and Farmwatch Associations, to name a few, as to why we adopted Telegram as our primary communication platform. I am very pleased to report that these decisions have proven correct as I knew Telegram would not let me down based on the speed of their progress with regard to technology and features, which are regularly outlined in public press releases issued by their development team. 

Do you know that Telegram pays to be hacked?
There’s a $300,000 prize for anybody who can crack Telegram’s encryption code. Put that into perspective: five million South African Rands! I also find it fascinating that they pay from R8,000 to R1,65 million to anyone who reports a weakness in their system that results in a change of code. 

Organisations like this make me so proud because they put their dreams and passion to the test and provide a very engaging and open approach. I credit Telegram for setting a new benchmark in the way in which we value privacy, safety and security for all, backed by an independent guardianship working with all policing agencies with integrity to fight violent crimes in our world.

What about WhatsApp?
When I made the decision to move all our users and Operative partnership groups to Telegram some three years back, the decision was not taken lightly. The mistake I made was putting it across in such a way that requested you to delete WhatsApp and use Telegram only. My advice to you now is: keep both. 

Key Features of Telegram 
Telegram has a host of great features, such as polls, administration management tools, a stand-alone desktop app, security tools, robotics, broadcasting channels, a payment gateway, ‘read message’ counters, automatic night mode, multiple accounts on one app (private and work), the size of the groups (up to 200,000 members per group), etc, etc… and I think the most important aspect of all: integration. Monthly updates of new features and enhancements to ensure that the platform continues to lead the way for the world is another plus.

If you are not updating strategies, projects and users every 90 days at a minimum, well you simply do not have a progressive platform or you are just a platform that likes to sit and wait to copy others. I strongly believe we must compete, congratulate each other and improve the world! 

I have been asked, “What are the costs?” After all, someone has to pay somewhere along the line, and as with all heart and passion endeavours, everything has a number attached to it. Currently, the cost is R0.00, but down the line the option to invest in Telegram may be possible. The guarantee is that the end-user will always have free access to the app, provided there remains a secure, sustainable model in which anyone can choose to invest. 

Data usage: 35-40% less
Telegram typically uses less data than its competitor apps, and all conversations are stored on the cloud, not the user’s device. In one test* it showed low consumption of mobile traffic, with a score of 0.42 MB to 3.75 MB per 1 hour of usage, which is 35-40% less than their major competitor, which consumes from 0.65 to 6.23 MB per hour.

File sharing: up to 1.5 GB
Send and receive files of any type, up to 1.5 GB in size each and access them easily on your other devices.

Desktop Features
You can use Telegram on smartphones, tablets, and your PC. Telegram can be used on iOS (9.0 and above), Android (4.1 and up), Windows or macOS. You can also use Telegram’s web version or install one of the desktop apps for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

You can log in to Telegram from as many of your devices as you like – all at the same time without your mobile device having to be connected. Just use your main mobile phone number to log in everywhere. 

This was a key feature for our ERPC Collaboration Network Dispatch Centres, partnerships and those who simply do not use cell phones, or those who use their laptops for significant periods, like me. 

Telegram X
The goal of Telegram X is to reinvent Telegram and explore new frontiers in speed, ease of use, quality of animations and all other aspects.

Telegram X for Android and iOS 
Both these apps are experimental and may or may not eventually replace the existing official apps. But even if they don’t, they will speed up the development of Telegram by allowing the development team to quickly test new features and technologies. 

I personally subscribe to Telegram X and have positioned the AAA-Response Platform with Telegram X. You can find this under ‘widgets’ which also has WhatsApp side by side with Telegram X.

The downside?
Very, very, little… other than the age-old story of early adoption, late adoption and the totally disadvantaged! Effort is required to persuade new users to switch to Telegram, simply because the system is so feature-rich and diverse it can be a little intimidating for the average user. I think it would be great if Telegram had a set-up wizard, which presents the same challenge I have with the TrackBox AAA-Response Service adoption and the various patented features that protect our passion and dreams. Video calling is also missed. 

So, in summary:

  1. Promote Telegram and help us to reach 10 million users in the country
  2. Get to know the features

Here are our Telegram Channels for you to join:

In order of priority:
ONE: Specialised Victim Support – Together SA CAN NPO

National High Priority Crimes – Community Activation, Specialised Communications & Case Updates Powered by Victims/Family, Investigating Officers, SAPS, Hawks & Crime Intelligence.

You will find the following on “Specialised Victim Support – Together SA CAN NPO” Telegram Channel :

TWO: Brian’s Passionate Desk

I love each moment serving you in passion, dedication, heart and vision within an alive SA CAN “Family”, pooling our own skills and passions in Crime Prevention to create a better world for all. My motto: “In love, light, dreams and tunnel-vision passion!”

You will find the following on “Brian’s Passionate Desk” Telegram Channel :

THREE: Land Expropriation Media Channel

Dealing with the subject of South African land expropriation without compensation  A go-to channel and library for the latest media releases from all organisations.

Thank you Telegram for changing our country and our global village.

Here are 7 great Telegram security features you should be using already

*Telegram consumes less data than competitors

Brian Jones (SA7)
TrackBox ERPC National & International
https://trackbox.world | https://t.me/BriansPD
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