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Feedback: Leaders’ Meetings

Feedback: Leaders’ Meetings

NEWCASTLE – PONGOLA – PRETORIA NEWCASTLETHURSDAY, 22 AUGUST 2019 SAPS Newcastle War Room • All clusters doing well overall.• Focus on family violence. We will be assisting with:Specialised Victim Support – High Priority Crime Platform, for the rape of children, and murder. PONGOLA A joint meeting needs to be held with all role-players. It seems



SAPS Newcastle War Room

• All clusters doing well overall.
• Focus on family violence.

We will be assisting with:
Specialised Victim Support – High Priority Crime Platform, for the rape of children, and murder.


A joint meeting needs to be held with all role-players. It seems there is much misinformation being disseminated which needs to be resolved. We hope to drive the process to set up the second PSAP (Public Safety Answering Point) in KZN for Pongola and surrounding areas. This will go very well with the call for KZN SAPS Clusters to be grouped into 5 Provincial Community Clusters for Management in order for all role-players to better manage the province and to improve communications. If this PSAP goes ahead then we have three left to set up. The meeting date will be around 10th October.


The South African Crime Victims Industry Association will be rolled out in KZN first, as this province has the most resources allocated for this. This will take a few months to finalise. Between TRACKBOX, VCAT NPO, SACVIA, TRACKVIA and SAPS, we are looking at R250,000 rewards for arrests and convictions in each of the Malcom “Stick” Green and Edwin Mapstone cases. 

AfriForum Executive

A formal request has been made for a tour of duty to all branches as well as any associations or organisations who would like a presentation on what AfriForum is doing in the space of crime prevention and community safety. This includes the private prosecutions unit. These presentations will ensure you have access to first-hand information and allow anyone that would like a meeting with AfriForum to request such.

37,000+     Users have adopted the AAA Response App
230,000+   AfriForum Members some 23,000 new members to the TrackBox Platform. 
10,000+     Civilian Responders are busy adopting the VCAT-7 Operatives App



Team, one thing that I was stunned with and that we really need to address by looking in the mirror, and asking ourselves, is:

Am I working for the “common cause or being a common fool?”

You all know that I am not here to be everyone’s braai buddy; I can’t be. With your help I am here to fulfil my passion and dream of totally reducing crime and violence. This quest has been my life’s work. I will work with anyone and everyone who can help with this.

AfriForum, AgriSA, Kwanalu, SAPS, The Hawks, CI, Netcare, Wildlife, etc. All with a common cause!

It seems like there are big in-house politics and, in some cases, personal agendas. You need to be able to work with everyone and as leaders, even more so. I was asked what I thought about various organisations and did not give my opinions as I feel that would be unfair, simply because every organisation is helping with amazing results – everyone. Some focus more directly on land issues while others might have different areas of interest. When I arrived at AfriForum for instance, I didn’t even know which way to open the door as I can’t read, speak, or write Afrikaans. We laugh about it but I am very proud to be serving all Afrikaans people and those who have chosen AfriForum for support. I have the most incredible meetings at AfriForum in line with the common cause.

Everyone is driving for technology.

SNIPR™ is already our chosen company across KZN. This can’t be changed and if anyone of us did try to do this, well you would be a total fool. If you have any challenges, speak to Grant or myself.

Farmers are all long-distance runners. Don’t get caught up in small conversations and marketing sales-speak which causes fragmentation. We all need to be independent but also co-dependent, duplicate working models.

Lastly, remember that technology transcends any race, culture or personal agendas. It allows for freedom of choice and who you wish to support as your trusted circle of friends. It creates a world of independence but also facilitates collaboration for the common cause. 

I hope this helps…

Have a magical day ahead!
Brian Jones (SA7)
Brian’s Passionate Desk

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