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KZN Leaders Meeting (001)

KZN Leaders Meeting (001)

KZN Leaders Meeting 001The Corner Office (Gillitts) 15.08.2019 In line with the ongoing need to address communications and teamwork, a meeting was called for local community leaders to come together and work as a team to achieve positive, tangible results in our communities. A very specific set of topics was addressed: Murders in Review: 2003 to

KZN Leaders Meeting 001
The Corner Office (Gillitts) 

In line with the ongoing need to address communications and teamwork, a meeting was called for local community leaders to come together and work as a team to achieve positive, tangible results in our communities.

A very specific set of topics was addressed:

  1. Murders in Review: 2003 to 2019
  2. Technology
  3. SAPS, Crime Intelligence & The Hawks
  4. Project Mustard Seed
  5. Calling for Air Support
  6. Uniting Urban & Rural Efforts
  7. Implementing Community Crime Reduction Targets
  8. Case Management & National Prosecuting Authority


  • A principled approach for engaging all members, community associations, role-players and the SAPS, Hawks and Crime Intelligence in achieving “Crime Reduction and Community Resilience Against Violent Crimes” has been established.
  • Specialised Victim Support platform to play a galvanising role in priority crimes management and shared teamwork. Thought must be given to adding a memorial wall to the platform.
  • Extending the highly successful model of the Rural Safety Program into the urban environment. Uniting urban and rural against priority crimes. Urban to support farmers, staff, hotels, B&B’s and businesses and Rural to support Urban.
  • It was discussed how it seems that SNIPR™ ANPR was suppressed from growing until SA CAN NPO, SAPS, The Hawks, Crime Intelligence, National Prosecuting Authority and VCAT NPO assisted with integrating operations, recoveries and technologies. 

To put this into perspective, from 2013 to 2015 SNIPR saw 100+ cameras installed but after collective teamwork and community support between 2016 to 2019 this has grown to almost 700. In the CEO, Grant Hancock’s own words, “from 2016 SNIPR was taken seriously,” and the results speak for themselves.

The Campbell Scott murder in September 2018 was the first time SNIPR records became the leading piece of evidence for identifying the suspects for the SAPS investigation team supported by Magma Investigations and SNIPR VCAT NPO VCC (Vehicle Check Centre). This technology now forms a critical part of the chain of evidence used in court proceedings for which VCAT NPO, the Investigating Officer, and SNIPR team can recreate timelines and provide visuals on a large format chart for the court, plotting the exact entry and exit paths of the vehicle and suspects’ movements, matching with statements from the victim and using other investigative technology aids – a virtual walk-through of the entire crime from beginning to end. 

Furthermore, historical information was used to link to the Mount West, KZN, House Robbery case. Since then SNIPR now forms part of daily investigations across the country, so much so that The Hawks have assigned one of their CCTV technology specialists to gather the evidence and present the cases as an expert witness in court with the VCAT NPO VCC – helping to prepare the evidence.

We simply must not allow good organisations to be suppressed, and we need the KZN Leaders meetings to open the way for new technologies to be presented, tested and adopted. There is no “white monopoly” in South Africa – it’s a simple business monopoly stamping out anything that’s new or seen as a threat. Woolworths is a good example of a predatory organisation who now have six cases against them for doing exactly this. 

  • Netcare 911 gave a presentation on aeromedical rescues and their relationship with VCAT-7 Air Support, and why NetCare 911 has a base at the National ERPC powered by SA CAN NPO, SNIPR and TrackBox Technologies. 

To date the KZN Operation has flown 312 missions (up to 2019-08-15) with almost all lives being saved. 

The fleet of seven Bell 222 (“Airwolf”) helicopters covering South Africa have been configured with skids and not wheels to enable them to land anywhere, and the Airwolf ‘wings’ are actually extra fuel tanks giving an exceptional range of 600 km.

Netcare and Starlite Aviation VCAT Air Support have the Bell 407 and Robinson 66 airframes with full night vision capability. The ability now to get airborne in minutes for both crime and medical related matters has already seen huge teamwork successes.

It was agreed that the Operatives “Air Support Button” be made directly available to Kwanalu/AgriSA, AfriForum 911, Committees, Community Leaders, Medical Providers, SAPS, The Hawks and Crime Intelligence in order to be part of a streamlined activation and empowering all areas for direct advanced life support and high priority crime support.  

  • With respect to training and keeping KZN Leaders well briefed we are going to group the SAPS Clusters together. Our line of thinking is to have groups of ±50 within a 150 km radius. Two meetings a year are proposed, and a tour of duty with a microbus for training on the latest technologies, updates on specialised victim support cases, assessing our crime reduction targets and ensuring that the associations and committee members have full provincial support in the palm of their hands.

In other words, we are working hard for all committees, keeping them well informed and ensuring that each and every challenge regarding priority crimes is dealt with immediately, and in turn that the committees keep the members informed.

  • The issue of Urban Neighbourhood Watches is interesting.

It was discussed that the CPF and neighbourhood watches have a role to play, but at the end of the day are not always effective in combating crime and criminal elements.

Many CPF’s are hampered by politics and urban neighbourhood watches are hampered by leadership egos, in-fighting and frequent changes of leadership which does not allow for any long-term stability. The difference with our Urban program is that there is no jointly chosen provincial structure like Kwanalu, AgriSA or AfriForum.

The fact that Together SA CAN NPO is apolitical and unbiased is a strength and it therefore has the necessary leverage to unite all citizens. Utilising existing SAPS and residents’ structures more efficiently is essential, and technology is key in achieving this. 

A great example of this is the 6000+ SA CAN Premium members in Hillcrest and surrounds, but a completely broken CPF. The 6000+ members are not interested in Neighbourhood Watch or CPF. Out of 6000+ only around 100 (the majority not being SA CAN members) are also CPF members. In no way does this hamper SAPS efforts.

We hope to see urban residents supporting AfriForum, Kwanalu and AgriSA in their focused efforts. A note: AfriForum is not an agricultural organisation and have a membership base of over 230,000 members nationally.  

  • A meeting has been set for two weeks’ time to develop the crime reduction targets and formulate the public adoption plan. Truth is, if we don’t have our own targets we cannot evaluate if our personal and private investments into crime reduction are working or have solid understandings and explanations as to why they are not working. We can’t keep spending more and more money on safety without seeing positive, measurable results.  
  • Our next report-back meeting will be in ±6 weeks. 

    Brian Jones
    CEO – TrackBox Technologies (Pty) Ltd

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