Good day Member

I trust that you are well and loving the day.

It has come to our attention that a number of members have not selected the correct ERPC when setting up the app. This is absolutely crucial to ensure that the correct emergency response teams are called upon, nearest to you within your hour of need. Team, I cannot stress enough the importance of selecting your ERPC and ensuring all of your information is up to date and accurate up front when setting up the app. In a crisis situation every second counts, and it is exactly at this time that being able to have full access to your relevant personal information, and chosen ERPC is imperative to ensure a fast reaction time. 


Please make sure that you have selected the correct ERPC organisation that represents you. This will ensure a minimal delay in service and emergency response and that you receive the relevant alerts and information processes pertaining to your community.

NB: If you do not select the correct ERPC, please expect delays during an emergency or calls for support.

How to select an ERPC network:

  1.  In your TrackBox app, go to the Menu (three white lines at the top lefthand corner)
  2.  Select My Vault
  3.  Select Billing
  4.  Select either the Free or Premium membership option
  5.  Select the Province that you reside in
  6.  Select your ERPC

If you require any assistance please contact our app support centre directly on 08616-23646 / 08616-ADMIN

If you don’t see your community listed on our ERPC selection and would like to get involved, please reach out to our app support centre by calling 08616-23646 / 08616-ADMIN or emailing us on Admin@TrackBox.World